This year VICE News is doing a segment on Orphans in Uganda and they will be at our school for the orphan’s birthday party on June 19!

Very exciting because VICE News, which can be seen on HBO, can also be seen on You Tube (check it out).

Even more exciting, once it airs it has multiple repeats … our little kids will get the exposure they deserve!

Our orphan’s birthday party on June 19 (most of the orphans don’t know their birthday so we make mid June extra special).  We have a big cake and there is singing and dancing and our brass band PLUS each child (1,000+) gets a small gift bag.  It’s a wonderful celebration!

And the rest of the party is on Friday when we serve the children a meat sauce over rice and a soda. And, of course, the day ends with singing and dancing, and sadness because our time with them is over.