Project Description

Raising Our Own Food

Uganda obtained its independence from Britain in 1962. Unfortunately the last few decades have been very difficult on this young nation. Droughts have plagued the country side and armed rebellions have wrecked havoc on the nations infrastructure. The orphanage needs to feed more than 200 children and its staff. In order to accomplish this overwhelming task Sylvia’s Children has developed agricultural facilities. We built a pig farm and six chicken coops that house more than 4,000 chickens. We also have our own corn mill.



Farm Life at Sylvia’s Children

Funds Are Still Needed

Now you can help feed the children too. The orphanage would greatly benefit if we could obtain more livestock. Please help today by making a donation that will feed these wonderful children.

Chickens Obtained 85%
Pigs Obtained 50%
Goats Obtained 41%
Corn Seed Obtained 90%

Give a Gift that Can Give Back

Farm animals are an invaluable resource for Sylvia’s Children. A hardy goat for example will provide much needed fertilizer and milk. The eggs Chickens produce provide countless meals for our kids, while a pig not only makes a great garbage disposal it also is a great source of protein. Corn seeds and potato spuds are just some of the crops that can be grown here. You can easily feed these hungry children over and over again with these wonderful gifts. Please donate today or sponsor a child! Your gift will not only make a difference in their lives it will make an impact on Uganda.

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