Project Description

In America, if a child does not do well in school and ‘slips through the cracks’ there are safety nets to catch them: special classes, tutors, after school programs. If that child still does not do well, there are alternative schools, teachers and social programs. If, in the end, the child is unable to succeed in any of the programs and slips all the way to the bottom, there are government programs, social security and multiple social programs to provide for them. In Uganda, if a child slips through the cracks, there are no safety nets, there is no one to catch them. They are out on the streets, on their own, to fend for themselves. The teachers and staff at the Mbiriizi Primary School know this and, because of this, there is a level of dedication there that you do not find here in America. They know what these children are up against because it is where they came from and they know if they don’t help the children, no one will.

The teachers and staff are completely open and honest with the children, to prepare them for the tough life ahead. Classes held in the school are not only reading, writing and arithmetic but anti-drug classes, non-smoking classes and classes about abstinence and AIDS. There are no taboo subjects, they do not mince words nor do they sugarcoat them. Why should they? Most of the children walk five miles to school with no shoes. Harsh reality is a part of daily life.

Each school year we need your help to maintain school supplies and curriculum. You can make a difference today in a child’s life.

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