Your investment in these children will make a difference in the future of Uganda. Each child receives education, health care and hope through college.

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Change the life of a child for only $1 a day! 150 left to be sponsored!

When you sponsor a child you provide meat, corn, potatoes, and other crops. Not only does this provide for their food, but it helps them raise food to sell to learn entrepreneurship.

When you Sponsor a child you help us purchase blankets, books, birthday presents and clothing for your student.

When you Sponsor a child you help provide for your child’s health care.

Sponsor a child today and help your child learn through exploration and play with art supplies, instruments, and games you provide.


Listen to What People Are Saying

I just returned from a trip with Sylvia’s Children. To say it was a life changing experience is an understatement. Thinking back on my trip I think the most truthful fact I can share is that Sylvia’s Children has managed to master the delicate balance between reaching out a helping hand while still preserving the recipient’s dignity,sense of self, and culture. This organization has provided countless children the opportunity of education as well as developing an entire community surrounding the school. It was truly a humbling experience to watch how one organization can truly make a global impact.


In a time when we sadly discover how often the money we give nonprofits never reaches its intended recipients, Sylvia’s Children gives 100% of its proceeds to its cause- the Mbiriizi School in Uganda. Many of its students are orphans. When Sylvia Allen “adopted” them (or they adopted her), their world changed. Thanks to Sylvia’s Children, they have clean water to drink, dormitories for the teachers, an improved kitchen, a library and a medical clinic that now has some services available to the nearby village as well. The children are continuing into secondary school in unprecedented numbers, and some have even gone on to college. But what I love about this nonprofit is that not only are these children being given assistance, Sylvia is working hard at making the school self-sufficient through developing skills in farming, sewing and crafts. As these children’s lives improve through education and skill-development, the lives of their communities, their country, and eventually the world will improve as well. I do not have much to give. I am excited to give to a cause where everything I have goes to make a difference.


I have worked in connection with Sylvia’s Children since 2007 and am consistently in awe of the progress and self sustainable practices that the school continues to adopt. I traveled to Uganda on three separate occasions and saw the growth with my own eyes, hugged these children, shared meals, and worked along side the people there. This is a fantastic organization built on honesty. Every dollar finds it’s way to the school and the children who call it home. Please consider supporting this wonderful organization.


Sylvia Allen has created a beautiful cooperative project with students and staff at Mbrizzi. Her mission was not charity but empowering and that is what she has done. And that is what makes every dollar given to Sylvia’s Children so vital. 100% of the donations go to the school, funding education, community projects, medical care. The school and local community is a better place because of this cooperative effort between Sylvia’s Children and Mbrizzi. I have seen it first hand and encourage anyone interested to join one of her yearly trips to the school. You will be changed forever.


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