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About The Children

They are called “Street Children.” They do not have a home. It has been estimated that there are more than 10,000 children on the streets of Uganda. Little ones are not immune to this tragedy. There are thousands more that have homes but do not attend school due to neglect or abuse.

Sylvia’s Children is home for more than 250 orphans who are part of the total 1,000 students at the school and 100 orphans are now in college. These kids would literally be on the streets if it were not for this school in Mbiriizi. Because Sylvia Allen wants the school to become self sustaining, the site also houses a medical facility, chicken coup, barn and various other storage buildings. A few years ago Sylvia Allen purchased additional land to make room for more construction and agricultural development.

Currently Sylvia Allen’s Children is on its way to becoming self-sufficient but we still need your help. Please consider giving today so we can not only help these children but the entire community. Together we can make a difference.


I hardly know where to start so much has happened and is happening!

Six of us went to Uganda and, first of all, enjoyed wonderful weather!  60-80 degrees each day and limited humidity.  It was a great respite from the weather we have been having here in New Jersey.  Contrary to perception, Uganda has wonderful weather!

Here is the update:

  1. We have 49 pigs in our pig farm.  You can always donate $50 to buy a pig which then can be sold either for breeding or eating.
  2. We have 20,000 chickens but 1,000 have reached the end of their egg laying so we need to replace them.  You can buy two chickens for $5!
  3. We need an x-ray machine and an ultrasound machine.  If you know of any hospital that is upgrading their equipment I would love to get the machines and get them over there.
  4. We met with Peter Kiggundu who is the CEO of Ruth Gaylord Hospital in Kampala.  He also needs x-ray and ultrasound so see if we can find two of each.
  5. I also have permission from Peter to pursue getting interns for his hospital and we would share them (we need three … two would be in Kampala and one at our school on a rotation basis which would give them two months of big city and one month in a village.)
  6. We visited St. Bernard’s school where 100 of our orphans are going to secondary school.  It was so exciting to see children that I have know throughout their school years!  The most exciting aspect is they want to go on and have careers.  (We already have 100 in college/technical training and 49 who have graduated from college!).
  7. Met with the Masaka Rotary to solicit an endorsement from them so the Rotary that I belong to in Minnesota can undertake raising $100,000 for the school.  If we raise $65,000 through our district, International will match up to 50%.  I have sent them to see the school and will follow up shortly.
  8. We have 100,000  mango trees … Geofrey is quite the entrepreneur!


Sylvia’s mentoring and advise helped the Heritage Foundation double the sponsorship dollars for our 3 annual community events in Franklin, TN. She has “been there and done that” and is happy to share her expertise. Her consulting style is fun and approachable. Once you are part of Sylvia’s Children team—she is phone call away. I think she is a rock solid investment of your time and money!

Mary Pearce, Heritage Foundation of Franklin and Williamson County

This organization has surprised me with it’s grass roots gumption! From the moment my wife and I came to be aware of Sylvia Allen and the work she has done for the children of the Mbiriizi Advanced Day and Boarding School, we have heard about the processes Ms. Allen has put into place in an effort to help make the school a self-sustaining model of success. We have heard of chickens being donated, clothes, toys, sewing machines, classroom blocks, nursing services, etc., all to help these children, many of them orphans, live a better, more fulfilling and healthier life. Sylvia’s Children is an organization I am pleased to know exists in our world.

Tom Clancy

Two years ago I happened to see a highlight about Sylvia’s Children on a local program called, “On The Road with Jason Davis”. I connected with Sylvia because I wanted to share her story with our local Rotary club. Rotary, as you should know, is one of the top ranking service organizations.
Sylvia spoke to our club, we loved her, and we partnered with her project. She has dedicated her life to this project and has already accomplished so much! 100% of donations go to the project. There are no management fees. I am not aware of any other organizations that can say that.
We’d love to see Sylvia’s Children be able to do more!

There are many organizations out there that you can give donations to but, for me, I was able to experience this one first hand. The work that is done to help these children is more than just exceptional. I was able to see their classrooms and get to see how intelligent these beautiful children are. I truly believe they would not be where they were today without the work Sylvia has put in to help them. I would highly recommend this organization to anyone.


Sylvia’s Children is truly doing “God’s work”. Led by Sylvia Allen this organization came into my life over 5 years ago. I have only been able to make small donations that I know help but I wish they could be larger because every dollar is put toward helping these great children get the chance we all want for the people on this earth. These kids deserve the chance to experience things they otherwise could not imagine and Sylvia’s Children makes that dream come true.

While working with Sylvia herself through the years, a friendship has grown that I value deeply. The stories she tells about this organization (Which has become her passion) are always wonderful. No matter the people involved or how grim the setting, this organization makes great things happen. She told me of a very strong woman that has grown up in the organization and can today boldly stand up for herself and all women in her community to show how strong and valuable they are. We all know that culturally this is not common and through the education and guidance of the staff and volunteers have provided her, this girl is making a future where none existed before. After sharing this powerful story, Sylvia presented me with a hand woven basket from one of “her children” and through tears she relished how touched I was and how the depth of that gift left me speechless. It was funny that the basket’s creator apologized to Sylvia that it took him over three hours to complete it!! I could not have made it in three years! The basket now has a prominent place in my home and serves as a reminder to be thankful each day for all of my blessings and that there are still people in the world who need some help just to survive each day and that I need to try harder to provide more assistance to them. The organization is great and Sylvia is an angel!