First, a very special thanks to all of you who responded to our request for funds so we could have the orphan’s birthday party … we did and it was wonderful! Cake, soda, meat sauce and rice plus every child got a “goody” bag and Baby Class and Top Class each got a little knitted doll! Everyone was happy!
It was wonderful to hear the brass band and realize that in only two months these children have formed a good marching band! We need a couple of things to “round it out” … check in the attic, the closet, friends … they may have the following:

Two tenor drums, two B-flat bass tubas, two E-flat bass tubas, two pairs of cymbals, two mess sticks, two bass drum beaters, 10 pairs of drumsticks and, last but not least, one bass drum.

My apologies to any musician that is reading this if I got anything wrong … I don’t know what any of these things are and am just copying a list! ūüôā

It was a wonderful group of people who worked well together and who enjoyed the children. We all stuffed goody bags, Rich/Doug/Emmy (our driver)/Sylvia updated all the orphan pictures. JoDee and Karen were able to teach all the classes how to do Origami. JoDee, Karen and Sylvia worked on getting the clinic better organized and Rich helped tune guitars. We weren’t bored!