We do have some immediate needs…the first of which is to raise $3,500 for the Orphan’s birthday party which is June 19 this year. On our very first trip we discovered that the orphans (and many of the other children) didn’t know when there birthday was so we decided to have a party for all of them every June on our trip. We need $500 for the cow (so we can have meat sauce), the balance of $3,000 covers the cake (remember it serves 1,000+ children!), rice and a soda.

If you feel like donating stuff for us to carry over we need band aids, sanitary pads, cotton balls, soccer balls/volleyballs/basketballs, gauze and hand cleaner. As you know we try to carry as much stuff as possible since shipping is “dicey” at best and is VERY expensive.

I’ll Give To Orphans’ Birthday Party!