November 9-22, 2018 is the next planned trip to Uganda.  This is when we put on a Christmas party for all the students at the school (1,000+) plus staff and graduates!  Why November?  That’s when the school year ends and you get back in time to celebrate Thanksgiving here in the US.   

The price leaving from Newark is $3,750  (if coming from elsewhere in the country we have to add in the cost of the travel to get to EWR).  This price is all inclusive … VISA, car and driver, water for the whole trip, all food, lodging, tips, safari at the end of the trip.  The only money you will need is for beverages at the evening meal and any kind of souvenirs you wish to bring back with you.   Once you experience the joy of watching these children you will have a deeper meaning of Christmas.  And, if you have been once, why not join us again?  I could use a couple who have already gone before to help with the gift bagging and giving.

And, remember, in addition to the joy of Christmas you finish the trip with a three day safari.  The excitement for the June trip?  We saw a leopard just reclining by the road!  For those of you who are cat lovers it is quite a thrill to see one (in the past all we have seen in the rear of the cat as it heads into the woods!).

Please join us and help make Christmas special for these children.

 Sylvia Allen …732 946 2711 or cell 732 241 1144

 Thanks to all of you for your support and love.