Highlights of Recent Visit to Uganda

//Highlights of Recent Visit to Uganda
Happy child with giftsNovember 10-22 of this year 11 of us went to Mbiriizi, Uganda, Africa and put on a Christmas party for the children.
Each girl got a new dress and each boy a new shirt (thanks to the generosity of many of you) plus a “goody” bag that had crayons, mardi gras beads, sunglasses, stickers and kazoos.
And, we had a gracious donor this year that donated the money to buy a cow so we could have a meat sauce for Bette’s great African rice. It was wonderful!
And, the school has the entrepreneurial spirit. We now have 8,000 chickens (sell the eggs sin Masaka), 42 pigs and 100,000+ coffee tree seedlings!
It was so exciting to see the success of the school under the able leadership of Geofrey Kawuma. He is a smart business man and a kind, loving person.
We now have 150 orphans in secondary school (S-1 to S-6 … high school) and 25 in college/technical school.
We have beaten the Uganda statistics which are that only 20% of boys and 17% of girls go beyond 7th grade!
As always any donation you make is greatly appreciated.
We always need more chickens and pigs … they don’t last forever.
However, sponsorship of a child DOES last forever because that child will be educated, have a career and impact the economy and the
Please give serious thought to sponsoring a child in in 2017.
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