An Update On The School!

//An Update On The School!

On June 15, six of us are going to our school in Uganda. And, as always, it is an exciting opportunity for me to share my joy with others! I love to share my excitement about the school and its progress. Briefly, we have 8,000 chickens producing eggs which provides protein for the children, as well as the ability for them to sell the the eggs; we have a 42-pig farm (LOVE the baby pigs); and 100,000 coffee tree seedlings … all of which provides the school with revenue.

Funds Needed For Students
We still have orphans attending the school … 25% of our primary children are orphans. (We currently have 1,080 total children in the school.) Plus, we have extended our coverage to any orphan that wants to attend secondary school and college/technical school. This has created a need for more revenue since secondary school is $500 a year and college/technical schools average $2,500 a year. (These amounts cover food, clothing, lodging, health care, and of course, education.) We need to generate more sponsorship dollars … please let me know if YOU would like to change a child’s life.

Needing Brass Band Instruments For A Marching Band!
We also need brass band instruments for the school. Geofrey (head of the school) wants to give the children the experience of being in a marching band, and we only have a trumpet and a trombone! If you know of a family whose child was in band (and is not any more), would you be kind enough to see if they would be willing to donate the instrument. They certainly get a tax credit and, even more importantly, provide a child with a learning experience.

Hand Soap Needed!
Last but not least, while we are there, we will be visiting the Ruth Gaylord Hospital in Kampala, again. I would like very much to partner with him and the University of Minnesota for medical interns for our clinic. He has asked if we can bring hand soap (it is SO expensive over there). If you have a contact who can donate a case it would be wonderful. Please let me know …

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